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What can I expect during a treatment session?

During a session you will be asked to fill in a consultation form prior to treatment. I will then discuss with you the problems you have been experiencing and what you expect to be achieved from the treatment. I will begin by doing a quick postural assessment of the body where I will look at muscle symmetry and alignment and then a range of motion assessment. I will then palpate certain muscle areas and groups to see whether there are any particular problematic areas and trigger points that could be causing discomfort.
Please bring to the treatment a pair of shorts and a strappy/sporty top. I can work through clothing if you are uncomfortable about undressing however the treatment may not be as effective so I do ask that you bring or wear shorts/sports clothing to a treatment session. If you are comfortable in underwear this is suitable too. Undressing will be carried out with the utmost professionalism and dignity. Towels will be readily available for your use and comfort during every session.

Is it painful?

No. A massage treatment should not be painful. Some people may experience discomfort during the treatment but have always reported that what they experienced is a good, releasing of tension and relieving pain. As a massage therapist I will ask if you to tell me straight away if you experience pain. Then I will alter my technique and depth to suit your requirements. It is important that the body is not in pain during a massage because it will not benefit the body at all. When the muscles are already in a state of tension, putting the body in additional pain will only increase that state of tension and can even result in bruising and injured tissue.

Will any medical conditions or temporary sickness affect me getting a massage?

Yes. Please do not book a massage if you have the flu, a cold or are temporarily ill in any way. If you come to a treatment session unwell, I will not be able to perform the massage. Please book again when you have fully recovered.
If you have any serious medical conditions you will be asked to declare it before a treatment. If you do have any medical conditons that may be problematic please check with your GP or myself before treatment session. Any conditions that are discovered on the day of the treatment may terminate the session and I will have to seek advice from your GP whether it is suitable to treat you.

How frequently should I get a massage?

If you are a sports person, professional or amateur it is recommended that you get a regular massage. This could have enormous benefits on your performance. Please consider getting a 30 minute treatment before a workout session or competition. This will warm up and stretch the muscles, which will prevent injuries occuring. Also it is important to book a session after a workout to aid the recovery of injured tissue.
If you would like a massage to target a specific problems then is important to get treatments at least on a monthly basis or even more frequently. In order to change a particular issue you must begin by having fortnightly treatments and then increase the duration of sessions.

Do I have to pay a cancellation fee?

No. I will not ask you to pay a cancellation fee - unless you continue to cancel appointments on a regular basis.

Where is the clinic located?

I am based in Burrington, North Devon. But I can travel to the surrounding areas and I do not ask for mileage costs unless you are more than 30 miles away. Alternatively, I am based at Barnstaple Chiropractic Clinic or I can travel to you, depending on where you are based. Please contact me to discuss further.

Is a Sports Massage the same as a deep tissue massage?

No, a Sports Massage because it addresses specific muscle groups does not have to be a deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage is a slow methodical technique that takes time and works deep into the muscle tissue. Sports Massage can be fast if needed and involves stretching and moving the limbs. Any depth will be checked with you to suit your requirments and comfort.

How can I expect to feel after a massage?

People can experience different sensations after a massage session. Many people usually say they feel 'light' or even 'loose'. You may feel congested and even develop flu/cold like symptoms. This is normal. Your body is flushing out toxins, these symptoms show that the massage is working well! Some people feel very sleepy, others feel invigorated and full of energy. You may feel an ache the day after a treatement, but again this is completely normal and should disappear within a day or two.

After care treatment advice

Please do not consume alcohol 24 hours after a treatment session. The body is working to flush out the toxins from your body, adding alcohol will only confuse it. Keep your body hydrated in order to aid the process. Get plenty of rest and take gentle exercise.


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Massage is the only actual treatment that can be applied specifically to help prevent injury.

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Anyone wishing to study medicine, must master the art of massage.


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From my years of experience, I can see how effective massage therapy can be, which is all the evidence I need to continue doing the job.

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